Agent Coulson was a Lorder and the Head of Security for Prime Minister Gregory. He is shown to be a very accurate person, as he was able to figure out what Astrid Connor and the AGT were doing to a teenager named Kyla Davis. He was shown to be Kyla's enemy in Fractured as she worked undercover with the AGT, but at the end of Shattered Kyla finds that he is actually on her side despite being a strict Lorder.

Shattered Edit

Coulson is not seen for much of the book as he is in Fractured, but Kyla is relieved that he thinks she's dead.

At the end of the book, Coulson saves Kyla's life from Nico, who was about to shoot her with the approval of Astrid Connor. Coulson shoots Nico before he can shoot Kyla, and leads Kyla into the house, where she meets Dr. Lysander and Prime Minister Gregory. Coulson is revealed to be Gregory's head of security, and the leader of the Lorder force. Astrid and her Lorders have acted against his rules so he orders their arrest with the approval of Gregory. It is also revealed that even though Coulson knew that Kyla did not die at the end of Fractured, he faked her death anyway so the AGT would not be able to get to her and punish her, recognizing that as a Slated it is not Kyla's fault she joined the AGT. Coulson leaves with Astrid and her Lorders and make sure Ben and Skye get to a hospital, leaving Gregory and Dr. Lysander to do the rest of the explaining. Kyla learns that a group of Lorders have been acting against the coalition's rules, and that not all Lorders are against her. So Coulson was on Kyla's side the whole time, despite bring harsh.