Aiden was a friend of Kyla Davis and a leader of MIA. He played a major part in all three Slated Trilogy books. He and Kyla are introduced by Mac.

Shattered Edit

Aiden, who was contacted by Mac, comes to Kyla's aid at the beginning of the book. He does not know about her being in the illegal AGT but does know that Kyla needs help from someone outside the government as she is proclaimed dead. He helps her with her desicion to revisit her past by going to visit her mother Stella in Keswick. He also accompanies her to her IMET visit to mask her identity, and brings her to the train station. That is the last Kyla sees of him for a while.

After Nico and Astrid show up at Stella's house, and Kyla takes pictures of young Slated children at an orphanage, Kyla realizes she needs to get in touch with MIA to report government actions and not get caught. Len the fell checker helps Kyla board a cargo truck and go to MIA headquarters at Oxford University. There, Kyla reunites with Aiden and meets the other MIA leader Florence, who's dad founded MIA. Aiden talks to Kyla about how he needs recordings of witnesses recalling supposedly illegal government actions, but then brings in Ben, who does not have memories of Kyla but has gone against the Lorders. Kyla is delighted to see Ben, but worries about whether Aiden is jealous and what he's thinking. At the end of the book when Ben and Kyla split, Aiden and Kyla begin their romantic relationship.

Personality Edit

Aiden was a very inspired political advocate yet a very caring friend. He is always friendly to Kyla and puts up with her troubles even if they don't matter to him. He is not necessarily the most fearless person though because he wanted Kyla to go to United Ireland to escape, while DJ thought it would still be possible for Kyla to stay and help MIA out. He is evidently caring and caught Kyla's eye as a romantic interest, but she was more attracted to other boys (Ben in Slated, Nico and Katran in Fractured, Ben again in Shattered.) Kyla reflects on her relationship with Aiden, stating that she should have realized that Ben was an interest of the past, and she should have gotten close to Aiden. However, he is busy with MIA being an official government organization and cannot be as close to Kyla.

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