Amy Davis (actual last name unknown) was a Slated girl who lived with Sandra and David Davis and was like a sister to Kyla. Kyla first meets Amy at the hospital in the release room, where Amy, along with David, are very happy to meet Kyla but Sandra is more skeptical.

Slated Edit

Amy is in a picture with her adopted mom and dad that the doctors give Kyla at the hospital. Kyla, being a clean slate and knowing nothing of racism, asks why Amy has brown skin while her mom and dad have skin like her. She is told that race is irrelevant and never mentions it again. She gets to meet Amy in person in the release room, where she is very happy to meet Kyla and seems like the typical Slated, unlike Kyla.

Shattered Edit

Amy is seen by Kyla on the way to Kyla's supposed funeral, along with Sandra in a car. When Kyla meets Sandra later on, Sandra tells Kyla that she will make sure Amy knows that her "sister" is not actually dead.

During the filming of "Need to Know" Amy comes over to Mac's house along with Sandra. She does not have much to add, but simply wanted to accompany her "mum" to her testimony. She is thrilled that Kyla is still alive and that she is opposing the Lorders.

Amy's future is unknown, though she probably had her Levo and brain chip removed like the other Slateds. She most likely did not elect to have her memories returned as she was Slated by choice to erase bad memories of her old life. She may have lived with Sandra until she was legally old enough to live on her own.