Astrid Connor is Kyla's adopted grandmother and the former Lorder JCO of England. She is the hidden antagonist of Shattered.

History Edit

Astrid was a prominent political figure in the Central Coalition. She was a hard-core Lorder, believing in punishing lawbreakers severely and making sure they know who's in charge. She had her daughter Stella at some point during her career. Astrid wanted to be the Prime Minister and it was not happening fast enough, so she tried to make Gregory pardon his daughter Sam and break the law. However, he did not. So she decided to use Sam's daughter to carry out the plan. Once Sam was in prison, Astrid took her newly born granddaughter and gave her to her daughter Stella, saying she wanted Stella to have the child she always wished for but never got. Stella blindly accepted the child, naming her Lucy, the name of her dead baby, and raising her along with her husband Danny Howarth. Little did she know that Astrid had further plans for Lucy. When Lucy was ten, Astrid arranged for the AGT to take Lucy by leaving a note telling Lucy to leave school to go on a secret mission. It was written as from Danny, her dad, so Lucy thought it would be exciting. When she snuck out of school, Lucy met Doctor Craig, an AGT doctor who told her that she was to come with him because her dad said so. Little did she know that she would not see her dad until two years later, when he tried to take Lucy away from the AGT.

Shattered Edit

Kyla first meets Astrid at Stella's house when she comes over for lunch. She is skeptical about Astrid before she arrives, because Madison had a very low opinion of her, calling her "The Smiling Assassin." Kyla is also careful because she is a Lorder. When she first arrives, Stella introduces Kyla as Riley, and Astrid looks interested in her. After Madison complains about having to be there, Astrid sends her on her way and proceeds to criticize Stella harshly, only lowering Kyla opinion of her. Kyla also flinches when Astrid calls her Kylie rather than Riley, because of its creepy resemblance to Kyla.

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