Ben Nix is the ex-boyfriend of Kyla Davis, and one of the main protagonists in the series. He is a Slated teen. He is noted as tall and attractive. He enjoys running, much like Kyla.

Slated Edit

Group is a support program that all Slateds must attend, where Slateds talk about their feelings with other Slateds and a local nurse. Kyla first meets Ben at this group, where he runs late but is forgiven by the nurse, who Kyla knows likes Ben more than any of the others. They then date and she kills him by accident and he goes missing. Kyla promises herself she will find him.

Shattered Edit

Ben is still a major part of Kyla's thoughts. Kyla still feels that she cannot have a relationship with Aiden because she is so connected to Ben. 

When Kyla goes to MIA to inform Aiden of the strange things that happened while she was in Keswick, she is in for a big surprise. Aiden gets Ben to bring lunch, and Kyla is absolutely thrilled to see him. Ben remembers Kyla after his chip is taken out but only vaguely.

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