Danny Howarth was the husband of Stella Connor and adopted father of Lucy. He was often referred to by Lucy as Dad, because she did not know he was only an adopted father.

History Edit

Danny and Stella got married sometime before their baby Lucy was born. Danny was described as a dreamer by Stella, who resented him for it. Stella said that Danny was "never there for the hard parts." One of these times was when Stella was pregnant after having several miscarriages, and actually managed to deliver her baby. Unfortunately, the baby died a few days after birth, but Stella's mother Astrid showed up with a baby who she claimed to be in need, so Stella happily agreed to adopt the baby and named her the same thing as the one she had birthed earlier, Lucy.

When Danny came home, there was a baby there and Stella did not tell him that this was not the baby she had birthed herself, so Danny believed that he and Stella were Lucy's parents. Lucy and Danny had a very close relationship, both loving the outdoors and playing secret spy games. Danny sympathized with Lucy about Stella's overprotective and demanding nature, so the two were always closer than Lucy and Stella were. One day, Danny and Lucy were playing secret spy games when Stella told Lucy to come inside to visit Astrid. Lucy accidentally overheard Astrid and Stella talking about whether they should tell Danny that he was not Lucy's father, at which point she started to cry because she had thought her parents were both biologically related to her.

Another day, Lucy finds a note from Danny telling her to sneak out of school so he could show her something. Lucy happily sneaks off from school, at which point she meets Doctor Craig, who tells her that Danny wanted her to ride in his van. Lucy is wary but eventually agrees, and is officially taken by the AGT.

Later, when Stella is grieving about Lucy and trying to help find her with Astrid, Astrid shows her the note and tells her that Danny was the one who gave Lucy up to the AGT. Stella is furious, and still believes that Danny did it, even when an eighteen year old Lucy tells her he most likely did not.

In actuality, the note was left by Astrid herself, who wrote it from Danny's point of view so Lucy would listen, and she framed him so Stella wouldn't be suspicious of her.

Even though Stella was grieving for her daughter with resentment towards Danny, Danny was actually grieving for Lucy as much as Stella. So Danny decided to take a risk and get into the AGT training camp Lucy was in to rescue her. He got a job as a janitor there and left a note for Lucy, telling her that he was here in disguise and to meet him so she could be taken home. Lucy, who was slowly transforming into Rain, crumpled the note because it conflicted with what Doctor Craig was telling her, which was that her family gave her up willingly.

But Danny persisted and went into Lucy's room while talking about the past. Lucy finally agreed to run away with him, and he said it was time to leave when a chess rook was placed on her windowsill. She slips out onto the beach with him, where there is a boat waiting. Unfortunately, they were caught by the AGT guards, and one kills Danny. Lucy realizes that it is Nico, showing that he has full power over her life now.

Kyla Davis frequently experiences this memory as a dream, but it is only of them running along the beach and then there is darkness. In Fractured, Kyla sees blue eyes gleaming in the dark, which she knows belong to Nico, but the scene was still unclear. Finally, when Katran dies, Kyla experiences the whole memory, which tears her loyalty away from Nico. Later, when Agent Coulson is interrogating her, he asks if there is anyone the Lorders should keep an eye on. Kyla tells Coulson of Nico, thinking, "What loyalty do I have to the man who murdered my father? None."

However, in Shattered, Stella still has a hard time believing Danny did not send her daughter to the AGT.

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