Doctor Craig was an AGT doctor and a friend and employee of Nico. He was responsible for the fracturing of Kyla Davis' personality so she could be Slated with some of her memories remaining.


In Fractured, Kyla learns who Doctor Craig was through her memory dreams. She learns that her getting Slated was a plan set up by the AGT. Doctor Craig's role was to fracture her personality. He did this by crushing Lucy's left hand with a brick, forcing her to write and have her memories at her right hand. Gradually, Lucy adapted to the AGT, taking a liking to Nico and doing what he asked. When her left hand healed and she had the  personality of this "New Lucy", her memories of her were associated with her left hand. As a result, Kyla's left hand was associated with memories of Rain, the girl who agreed with terrorism and Nico, and her right hand held memories of Lucy, the kind, sweet, scared of the AGT child. When the Lorders Slated Kyla, they Slated her right hand memories, thus Lucy was lost forever while Rain's memories hid away and gradually came back. The coming back of Rain's memories, and not Lucy's, led Slated Kyla to believe that the AGT were the good guys. This was convenient for Nico, who wanted to take advantage of her limited understanding. Kyla, once she was Slated, is trained to write with her right hand, but when Rain's memories come back she writes with her left and is freaked out. Eventually, the full story of Kyla's fracturing comes to her, leading her to betray and hide from the AGT and get help from MIA, as she had bad experiences with the Lorders in Slated and the AGT in Fractured, and MIA was the only trustworthy organization left.

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