Katran was an AGT terrorist who was a friend of Kyla and followed the leadership of Nico. He helped Kyla with her problems in Fractured.

Fractured Edit

Nico drops Kyla off at a Free UK training camp during a school day, and she meets Katran. He seems in total disbelief to see her, and when Kyla says her Levo isn't working even though she was Slated, he says that she's "a special one" and some old memories come back of him taunting Rain because Nico said she couldn't do the same thing as the rest of her group because she was "special."

Before Kyla leaves the camp, Nico says someone has told the Lorders about their camp. A girl named Holly told her brother this, and her brother was captured by Nico. Nico makes the girl shoot her brother with a gun, but Katran laughs and tells her it is not loaded.

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