Keswick is a mountain town in the UK. It is where Kyla's adopted mother, Stella Connor lives, and where Kyla was raised for much of her childhood. Later, it is where Stella runs her house for girls.

Lucy's ChildhoodEdit

Stella was living in Keswick with her husband Danny. However, Danny was away when Stella gave birth to her new baby Lucy. Lucy died a few days after being born as she was too frail, so Stella's mother Astrid Connor gave her an adoptive baby as a replacement. Stella gave the new baby the same name, and she and Danny happily raised her in Keswick.

Lucy had a very happy childhood in Keswick, for the most part. She was never a fan of her mother's constant fussiness and worry, but she enjoyed hanging out with her dad. Lucy attended the Keswick Primary School like all children, and was exceptional in art, even winning an award for artist of the year. Outside of school, she would often go up into the mountains with her dad, and play games with him there. Many old rocks were up on the mountains which were fun to hide behind.

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