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Kyla Davis is the protagonist of the Slated Trilogy. She is a teen girl who's memory has been wiped blank. She was previously a member of the AGT (Anti-Government Terrorists) and worked with the MIA. She is also an incredibly talented artist.


Kyla Davis

Age 16
Status Alive
Alias Lucy Connor (Pre Slating)

Rain (AGT)

Kyla Davis (Post Slating)

Riley Kain

Hope Gregory (Birth name)

Appearance Green eyes

Blonde hair (formerly)

Brown hair

Family Stella Connor (adopted mother)

Samantha Gregory (birth mother)

Sandra Armstrong (adoptive mother)

Amy Davis (adoptive sister)

David Davis (adoptive father)

Height 5 feet
Love Interests Ben Nix


Hobbies/Talents Running, Art

Shattered Edit

In Shattered, Kyla decides that after her crazy Slating and new family experience one year, and accidentally

working for the AGT the next, she wants to completely be a part of MIA and with their help, discover her past.

First she must mask her identity however and so she goes to get IMET, an illegal procedure that is shit changes your appearance. Her hair is changed to a brown color but she still wants her green eyes, so the IMET doctor gives her a pair of glasses that change her eye color only when she wears them. She also gets a fake ID under the name Riley Kain, which combines the names Lucy, Kyla, and Rain.

She travels by train and promises to keep in touch with Aiden who was helping her.

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