A Levo is a device that is worn on the wrist. It is put on all Slateds after their surgery.

Role Edit

A Levo exists so Slateds are kept happy. If they become sad, angry or depressed they may return to their criminal natures. If a Slated is as happy as possible the digital numbers on their Levo will say 10, while if they are in a bad emotional state the number will be near 1. If a Levo gets under 5, it will give a warning buzz. It will buzz again if it gets close to 3. If a Levo goes under 3 the Slated may get a shock through their brain chip installed during surgery, and pass out. At its lowest numbers it will even kill the person. Some things that may get Levo numbers to go up are chocolate, animals, relaxing sensations, sedatives, or running. When a person runs, even if they are talking about a sad or angering subject, the Levo number will still be above 5.

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