Lord William's School was a secondary school in the unnamed country village that Kyla Davis lived in. It is said to be an old school but has modern touches to it.


From day one of being Slated, Kyla was always inquisitive about how things worked and enjoyed her time at the hospital school, unlike the other Slateds who were "too busy smiling at everyone and everything." In her first few days with her new family, the local nurse, Nurse Penny, comes over to talk to Kyla's new mum about how well she is adapting. Kyla keeps interrupting them and wants to know if she can go to school, but they are too busy worrying about how well she is doing at home to listen to her. However, it is mentioned that she was tested in the hospital as having grade-level knowledge and knows as much as her non-Slated peers, which is unusual because most Slateds are held back a grade or two.