Lorders are the justice department and main political party in the Central Coalition government of the trilogy. They are described as mostly men who are very official looking wearing black.


The Law and Order movement was formed sometime during or after the 2020 crises. Their main goal was to form a zero-tolerance policy for lawbreakers and people who waged war against the government. The Lorders wanted to accomplish this by killing all guilty criminals, but Free UK, the other big influential movement of the time, wanted to pardon them, especially young ones. The two groups agreed on a new procedure called Slating that would be used on teenage criminals, which wiped their memories. This way, all the rebellious thoughts would be erased and teens could settle in with a pro-government family and have a second chance at a happy, obedient life. The Lorders agreed to this because there would be less outrage by the public than if they killed young criminals.


​Kyla finds out about the story of the Central Coliation near the beginning of the book, though does not know that it no longer existed due to the fact that Free UK broke away from it and became a terrorist group. Still, she likes Free UK better than the Lorders because of their pardoning of criminals, but does not realize her pro-Free UK thoughts are coming from Free UK agent Rain's resurfacing memories.

Shattered Edit

In the beginning of the book, the Lorders do not know that Kyla is still alive, as she was reported dead by Coulson, the Prime Minister's head of security. In order to hide this from them Kyla takes steps to mask her identity with the help of MIA. However, while she is traveling by train, the seemingly unavoidable Lorders come on to it, asking for a ticket and retinal check. Kyla is frightened because they will know her true identity if they do not find their target before her and check her eyes, but they take away a woman and her young son before they can check Kyla's eyes.

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