MIA, which stands for Missing In Action, is an anti-Lorder organization dedicated to helping people who are lost. Unlike a government lost child agency, however, MIA shows losses on their website that they suspect were caused by the Lorders on purpose.

Slated Edit

Kyla meets Aiden, an active member of the MIA for the first time.

Fractured Edit

Shattered Edit

In Shattered, MIA plays a valuable part in Kyla's success. They help her get IMET and a fake ID at the beginning of the book to help Kyla travel to see her mother, Stella. Later, when Kyla takes a picture of the Slated children at the orphanage, Len the fell checker saves her and pretends they are random people out for a walk when Lorders come by. He tells her that he is Aiden's MIA contact. Kyla wakes him up early the night Astrid and Nico came to Stella' s house and he is grouchy but Len arranges for Kyla to hide in a cargo truck in order to get to where Aiden is to inform him of the orphanage. MIA also made sure that they would protect Kyla if the Lorders or AGT were suspicious of her.

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Kyla Davis



Florence's father (founder)