Mr. Gianelli was the former leader of the art department at Lord William's School and Kyla's art teacher. He was a very moody teacher, but had good intentions under his shell and was a great artist.

Slated Edit

Kyla asks Mrs. Ali whether she can take art because she has considerable talent, however, Mrs. Ali tells her she cannot because she has Unit, which is a class all Slateds must take (it is like a free period to do away from other students.) She tells Kyla that she must talk to Dr. Winston if she wants to change her schedule, but Dr. Winston is not a very approachable or supportive person to Kyla. When Kyla draws a quality picture of an owl in biology that day, however, her teacher Miss Fern is impressed and Kyla tells her about the situation. Miss Fern is very sympathetic and says she will talk to Mr. Gianelli about it. Mrs. Ali does not seem impressed by this as Unit is an opportunity for her to keep a close eye on Kyla.

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