Nico is an AGT terrorist who played a special role in the Slating Sham of Lucy Connor. He was a very commanding and scary person but also inspiring when he wanted to control you. Nico is described as an incredibly attractive person, as all the girls in Kyla's biology class stare at him.


Nico was first seen by Kyla in one of Rain's returning memories. She has a suspicion that her biology teacher at school, Mr. Hatten, is indeed the mysterious Nico. She is proven right when she looks very closely at him during class. That afternoon when she meets Cam, her new neighbor, she is unusually cheerful and attracted to Nico. On another day, Kyla talks to him at a lunch detention given to her because Cameron was passing notes with her, and he is thrilled that Kyla remembers him and being Rain. He gives her a communicator so she can talk to him anytime. It fits under her Levo and could hide.

Kyla does not see Nico for a while, but constantly thinks about him, especially in biology, when she stares at him. Through memory, she learns about Nico's strict and leading personality, but also his gentle side.

One night, Kyla goes to visit Ben's house to see his mum, and realizes it was burned to the ground. She runs into Tori, who is also looking for Ben, but she is too injured to walk any father. Realizing that taking Tori back to her house is not an option because her mum will know she snuck out, she wants to take her to Nico. Part of her wants to kill Tori for her own good, but the other part doesn't want to.

Kyla uses her com to call Nico, who sounds like he was not sleeping but also angry. Nico takes Tori to his house, introducing himself as John Hatten, and asking her what happened. When Tori says she killed a Lorder, Nico seems satisfied that she is OK and gives her a sedative.


Kyla is still haunted by memories of Nico despite the fact that he thinks Kyla is dead. When Kyla goes out to the boathouse, Ellie comes out to her with a message from Stella that she doesn't have to stay for dinner. Kyla is confused but then sees that Astrid is at the front door, with Nico of all people, which makes Kyla run knowing that both are dangerous.

Kyla keeps wondering about why Nico was with a Lorder, as the AGT and Lorders are strong enemies. She has a dream about one of the Lorders who took the boy and his mother from the train on the way to Keswick. He turns around and she sees it is Nico. This was more symbolic than anything else, as Nico was most likely not one of the Lorders on the train.

Later, when Astrid, Nico, and her Lorders show up at Mac's house, he says he was always with Astrid so he could be a part of the government. He takes Kyla outside and is just about to shoot her, when he is shot dead by Agent Coulson, the Head of Security for the Prime Minister.

Personality Edit

When Kyla first remembers she is Rain, Nico is incredibly happy and gives her a hug. However, she mentions that Nico isn't one to be affectionate. He doesn't care to seem about killing people or when people die. Several times he asks if someone has died "a good death" and quickly moves on, as if nothing has happened.

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