Merton Gregory was the Prime Minister for the Central Coalition in 2054. When he became a Prime Minister was unknown. He was the successor of Prime Minister Armstrong, and had one daughter, Sam, and a granddaughter, Hope.

Shattered Edit

After Coulson saves Kyla from being shot by Nico and she was taken inside, she comes face to face with Gregory and Dr. Lysander. After Astrid and her Lorders are taken away for unlawful actions by Coulson, who is revealed to be Gregory's head of security, and other Lorders, Gregory states that Kyla's only crime is "being related to me." Kyla is confused until Gregory tells the story. Gregory had a daughter named Sam, who was put in prison for unlawful actions. While Samantha (Sam) was imprisoned, she had a child, though it was unclear who the father was (thought to be a guard). Sam's child was Hope Gregory, the true identity of Kyla.