Sandra Armstrong-Davis was Kyla's adopted mother when she was Slated, daughter of former Prime Minister Armstrong, and former wife of David Davis . She played a big part in Kyla's well being and she also played a big part in the life of her other adopted Slated teen, Amy Davis.

Slated Edit

Sandra was first seen by Kyla in the hospital when she signs her release papers along with her new family. Kyla is smiling rather fakely, and she notes that her new dad David Davis and her Slated sister Amy are giving real joyful smiles but Sandra is smiling the fake way that Kyla is. Sandra is rather harsh to Kyla on the way home, which David criticizes saying that she doesn't know what the world outside of the hospital is like. Sandra didn't have a problem with expressing her exasperation about Kyla in front of her, which made Kyla think David was a much better person to be close to.

Shattered Edit

Kyla is driving in Aiden 's van to go get IMET , when she passes a car with Sandra and Amy in it. Kyla feels very bad as she knows they are driving to her funeral because the Lorders reported her as dead. Later, after getting IMET, Kyla wants to see Sandra and let her know she's not really dead, but Mac and Aiden protest knowing it's not very safe. They finally give in after much pleading, and Kyla goes to her workplace where she is outside. Sandra recognizes her green eyes and is shocked to see her daughter, but she guesses correctly that Kyla got IMET. She approves of the idea of Kyla going to rediscover her past by going to see her real mother Stella Connor.

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