In 2054 London is ruled by the Central Coalition. The Coalition government came into power after a devastating economic collapse in the 2020's and demonstrations and terrorist acts committed by students. 

William Adam M. Armstrong eliminated the gangs threatening British society in the 2020's.

The Coalition is the product of  the merging of two sides; the Law and Order movement which became the Lorders and the Freedom UK which wanted to rehabilitate young criminals. When the ability to erase memories was discovered, the two groups merged, resulting in a country ruled by the Lorders.

"Slated" - that is, erasing memories. Every Slated person is forced to wear a Levo device on her wrist. The Levo interacts with a chip implanted in the Slated teen's brain, detecting their mood. When mood levels are either extremely low or high, the wearer receives a zap that causes them to black out or have seizures. Any attempts to remove the Levo result in death. Slated teens can only have the Levo removed when they turn twenty-one. You can be slated several times but only until you are sixteen

After being Slated, teens are kept in hospital for six months where they are re-educated before being released to live with a brand new family.

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