Stella Connor is Kyla Davis' adopted mother and the owner of Waterfall house. She is shown briefly in memory dreams in the first two books but is a major character in Shattered.

Shattered Edit

In Shattered, Stella first meets Kyla at Waterfall House in Keswick, where Kyla grew up. She is ecstatic to see Kyla and almost calls her Lucy instead of her assigned name, Riley. Madison, a resident of Waterfall House, makes fun of Stella because she tells Kyla that she will be staying in the tower room, where the other girls are forbidden from going. Kyla knows it is because Stella only wants the best for her precious Lucy.

Later, Stella comes into Kyla's room after lights out. She learns of Kyla's Slating and the plot by the AGT to fracture personality. She shows Kyla some photo albums of her, but refuses to give her the key. She keeps on calling Kyla "Lucy", but Kyla tells her not to, partially because she doesn't want anyone finding out who she is and partly because she feels that 10 year old Lucy is a part of her that is lost forever.

Stella is very worried when Kyla is late to come back home, and makes Kyla read all the rules. Later, when Stella visits Kyla's room at night, she talks about how CAS might not be the right thing for her, and that she could work at Waterfall House instead. Kyla now realizes how much Stella loves her so she doesn't say no, but tells her that she'll think about it. However, she is more interested in going into National Parks or Education. 

The next day, Kyla tells Stella that she would rather do CAS than work at Waterfall House, and Stella doesn't seem bothered at all. They work together on a birthday cake and talk.

Next day, Stella tells the girls that they must attend a luncheon at the house with Astrid Connor, the Lorder JCO and Stella's mother. Madison is irritated that Astrid has to come during her free time, and calls her "the smiling assassin." When Astrid gets there, Madison complains about having to be there. Astrid tells her that she doesn't have to be there, which seems nice to Kyla until she starts harassing Stella harshly about the way she acts and raises her girls. She also brings up the missing Lucy, leading Kyla to realize she is as horrible as Madison said.

Later when Kyla gets her CAS schedule, she finds it is because Stella pulled strings to have Kyla spend a week at Waterfall House with her.

Kyla is mad because Stella is being too protective, and Stella's eyes fill with tears, saying that she only never wants to lose her Lucy again. Madison also got taken away by Lorders the same afternoon, and Kyla suspects that it is because Astrid came for lunch and Madison stood up to her. Stella is too worried that Astrid will do something bad to her if she accepts that she is not trustworthy, so she is torn and unsure about Astrid. Kyla brings up her dad too, and Stella says that he was actually the one who took Kyla to the AGT. When it is revealed the source is Astrid, Kyla doesn't believe her because she's less afraid to admit Astrid's true colors than Stella. Kyla also mentions that she remembers her dad but not Stella, leaving Stella very upset. Kyla makes her leave, and the two don't speak again for a while.

Personality Edit

Stella is very overprotective, strict, and nervous. She has a long list of rules for all the girls to follow, and punishes if you do not follow them. She does not allow anyone to eat dinner who comes late to the table. Madison makes fun of Stella often, and can't wait for the day she can live on her own, when she turns 21. Despite this, Stella is very nice and only wants everyone to be safe, especially her adopted daughter who she calls Lucy Connor.

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