Tori is a Slated girl.

Slated Edit

Tori is first introduced to Kyla in the therapy group for Slateds. Kyla is attracted to Ben which is problematic as it seems Tori also likes him. The two girls are very different so they aren't really friends.

IN a few days, she is taken by the Lorders, and brought to a 'Recall And Termination Centre'.

Later on - in second book, Fractured - she is found by Ben's burning house. Kyla nearly breaks her skill on a tree and takes her to AGT/Free UK leader, Nico. She is later made into a terrorist along with Kyla.

In the final chapters of Fractured, she is hauled into the back of a Lorder Van, and is revealed she is trained into being a Lorder, along with Re-Slated Ben.

She is killed by Astrid Connor, JCO of England, and Stella Connor (Kyla's true adopted mother)'s mother,

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