Wayne Best was a construction worker who lived in the same village as Kyla Davis. He had a niece named Phoebe, who bullied Kyla at school.

Slated Edit

Kyla first meets Wayne after Phoebe was taken by Lorders at school. He feels that Kyla reported her to the Lorders even though she didn't, and they had a threatening conversation. He knew that the cat that Phoebe rescued belonged to Kyla. Kyla finally escapes him when Amy and Jazz come back, and Jazz advises Kyla to stay clear of "that waste of space," advice she plans to follow.

However, Kyla runs into Wayne again on a walk in the woods, where he planned to kill her because of Phoebe. But Kyla defended herself and knocked him out, even though Slateds are not supposed to be able to harm other people. Kyla is puzzled and shocked by her sudden defense but then realizes it was another part of her personality who wants to "be together" with the Slated part of it. Kyla protests, but the other her breaks down the connection between Kyla's emotions and her Levo, making her a Slated no more.

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